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The six steps to beating procrastination

  • How to use ‘chunking’ to tackle the biggest jobs on your to-do list

  • Tools to help you regain control of your productivity

  • Find it easy to get energized and increase your motivation

  • Learn how to make your most boring tasks more fun - even doing revision or cold calling!

  • How to implement small daily changes to remove stress from your life

  • Take back control of your time management

  • Manage  procrastination in this ebook

  • Discover how exercise and sleep can increase your efficiency


See how our  trademark  “system summary”  programme can help you simply managing  procrastination


  • Identifying the role of procrastination in your life

  • Making time for time management

  • Breaking up large projects into smaller tasks

  • Finding productive reasons to keep working on tasks and commitments

  • Keeping your goals realistic and reassessing goals and strategies as needed

The six steps to beating procrastination

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